Color Correction Service

Color Correction is one of the contemporary photo editing techniques used by millions of people to recover and make more attractive and suitable their photo. Clipping Photo India (CPI) offers Color Correction Service to their clients at affordable cost and assure 100% quality and client satisfaction. Our photo editing house is one of the neoteric image editing houses because we have skilled and experienced workers who use different latest photo editing tools and softwares.

What is Color Correction?

Simply we can say, Color Correction is the technique which is used to change the color of any image.
According to the Wikipedia“Color correction by using color gels, or filters, is a process used in stage lighting, photography, television, cinematography and other disciplines, the intention of which is to alter the overall color of the light; typically the light color is measured on a scale known as color temperature, as well as along a green–magenta axis orthogonal to the color temperature axis.”
Assume that you capture an image by a camera which color is defect due to a disparity in the lighting or wrong handling of the camera. So you need to modify its color according to your purpose, so that the image becomes useful and looks more gorgeous.

Different Types Color Correction Service We Offer

• Color correction
• Contrast modification
• Eye color modifies services
• Improving color – hue and saturation
• Enhancing the glance and experience
• Add or edit white balance
• Adjusting color balance hues
• Add and edit gloss/matte finishes
• Convert black and white images to color images
• Develop skin textures

Who Need This Service?

• Photographic studios
• Printing Studios
• Catalog companies
• Publication Companies
• Logo Design Firms
• Retailers
• Stock Agencies
• Printing and Media
• Human and Model
• GIF & Flash composite animation
• Online retailer
• E-commerce industry
• Magazine/Newspaper publishing industry
• Catalog company
• Fashion industry

Why Choose Clipping Photo India (CPI)?

We have available skilled and experienced workers who are expertise color correction using various modern photo editing tools and software like Photoshop. Our photo color correction services can help you adjust image color tones, knock-out red eye belongings, and add different highlights and photo shade effect. We recognize the consequence of customizing our services to suit your exclusive requirements. We are highly committed to our clients to provide our best service within a short period of time and offer best rate ever.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner for color correction that delivers an enormous outcome, your search ends with Clipping Photo India (CPI). Contact us or Request for a Quotation now and we will reply within a short period of time.